Kocham! Tarnów
exhibition of photographs the old and new Tarnow
my works from the project of Tarnow Photographic Society (Tarnowskiego Towarzystwa Fotograficznego), The Regional Museum of Tarnow (Muzeum Okręgowego w Tarnowie) and Culture Centre of Tarnow (Tarnowskiego Centrum Kultury)

via TCK:
These unusual artistic compositions combine the past with the present time and show how much and how little has changed in this city. Show the life of the city before the war, peaceful, vibrant culture, commerce, science and entertainment. The photographs can be seen at the same time, place and space - besides well known buildings and people from the other and from this era - the faces of a century , and those before yesterday ... Krakowska Street, Wałowa Street, Lwowska Street, Kazimierz Square, Market Square, Żydowska Street were photographed long time ago. These photographs were sent into the world of wishes in the form of postcards, to once again returned to the youngest generation of would-be recipients. That signal sent in the distant past, trying to capture now and give it a contemporary color, taste and shape...

more info: http://old.tck.pl/?sub=3&sub2=11&id=730

the rights to this works has a TCK
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